About OPG Mrakovčić

Our OPG (family farm) is located in the southern part of the island of Krk in a small village Kornić. Although near the sea, people from Kornić were not faced to the sea, but the main branches in Kornić were sheep farming and olive growing. Similarly, today, along with the development of tourism, we can witness the restoration and development of olive growing and active cultivation of sheep breeding.

About Kornić on Island Krk

The landscape is dominated by olive groves and sloping pastures that are enclosed by shepherd's cobblestones, in the dialect called the bushes. In this limestone landscape, people have for generations released a piece of land to plant olive or vine shoots. So many interwoven white meshes of stone blocks were constructed, making today a recognisable element of the landscape of the island of Krk. It is characterised by frequent busts of strong bora which is a significant natural phenomenon, because it significantly affects the lives of humans, animals and the development of vegetation. Apart from bringing a cool, clean mountain air, it sprinkles from the surface of the sea and shreds small particles of sea salt and iodine which, in fine applications, is planted on herbs throughout the island.

The island of Krk is located in the north of the Adriatic Sea where Mediterranean climate encounters Vegetation that grows under such conditions is extremely resistant and vigorous, and makes it aromatically self-extracting plant species, the most widespread herb plant, home-made sloth. This Mediterranean plant that runs on sunny rocks blossoms in June and July when it smells with its scent of Chrysanthemums. Due to its specific smell, it is known as its essential oil that contains many healing properties.

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